Jodie Comer In Security Scare As Fans Report Worrying Behavior At Theatre Show.
JODIE COMER was the subject of a security alert when a fan allegedly raised an alarm at the theatre where she was performing.
Despite the fact that a source close to the singer has refuted this, she was escorted out.
After fans gathered outside the stage door, Jodie Comer was hustled out of the venue via a secondary route.
They described a man in a suit holding a bouquet of flowers who was generating worry outside the theatre.
On July 21, 2022, it will play in movie theaters worldwide, and the English actor shared her excitement.
“I am delighted that our production of Prima Facie will be available to watch in cinemas across the world,”
She added, “Alongside our ticketing initiatives this is another way that we can make sure that this play is accessible to anyone that would like to see it.”

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